Sunday, 1 January 2012

BarryM Nail Effects!

First blog post of the new year! I'm very over excited. :)

Over the last year I have been loving BarryM nail polishes. Especially the nail effect range.
I have wanted the silver foil polish and the purple crackled effect ones for a while but never got round the actually make the purchase. Then in boots three days ago I see the buy two BarryM products get the sparkly silver limited edition polish for free deal and that was all the persuasion I needed to whip out my purse!
For the look in this blog I used the Silver foil polish as the base coat and the purple crackle polish over as a top coat.

For anyone who doesn't know the crackle effect polishes only work over a base coat, and you only apply one stroke of crackle polish on each nail our you won't achieve the desired effect.

I would suggest that all of you who use the BarryM crackle polishes try using a silver polish under a nail effects polish. It creates a really effective look, it's simple to do and even better lasts for a week easily!

In one of blogs coming up I will review another crackle polish by Asda to let you know how it measures up against BarryM. A slight clue though, I wouldn't rush out to an Asda near you to buy it!

Till next time :)


  1. Cute, i think that BarryM crackles are the best out there, way better then the more expensive ones from OPI and China Glaze etc....

  2. Do you know how long the offer in Boots is on for? xx

  3. Sorry Im not. I've been on the website but it doesn't say. I know it's still on at the moment. xx

  4. Ok thank you:) I think I might go and get some more Barry M colours:) xx