Friday, 30 December 2011

Lush sales!

Lush has a Boxing day sale! Who knew? A lot of people, but I had no idea.
Until earlier this year I had only been able to visit a lush store a handful of times because there wasn't a lush store any closer than an hour away from me. Then to my utter joy a shop opened up much nearer my hometown. I have been enjoying it ever since.

A few days ago I noticed the 50% off signs and nearly fainted. Then I rushed in a bought lots of the Christmas products that I haven't tried before.

Although I love lush products and ethos I do feel a lot of their products are on the expensive side. With 50% off however I was more than happy to indulge my lush obsession.  

Here is what I bought:

Super Stars - bubble bar (£2.25 - £1.13),
So White - bath ballistic (£1.90 - £0.95),
Magic Wand - reusable bubble bar (£4.95 - £2.48),
Snow Fairy - shower gel (£3.25 - £1.63),
Cinders - bath ballistic (£1.95 - £0.98),
Snow Fairy - lip tint (£4.25 - £2.13).

If you haven't already make sure you get down to Lush quick for the last of the sales. I think it ends on the 3rd of January.

Till next time :)

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