Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Glossybox for men review!


An odd title for a female beauty blog I know but I have taken out the subscription for my Boyfriend for Christmas and though you might want to know a bit about the service and the types of products received.
For the last few month I have subscribed to both the Carmine and feel unique beauty boxes and I love them both! My BF has seen me get these boxes and when I told him about the male version he was very keen to try it. He is a real boys boy and doesn't really buy beauty products for himself. We felt this would be a great way for him to try some new stuff.
With this service you can cancel anytime which is another reason why we though we might as well try it. He has received the first box and loved it. So I will be continuing with the subscription.

When I was ordering the box I was asked to fill in a beauty profile of things he would want to receive and things he would not. I was glad of this because I had been concerned about the prospect of him receiving male make up products, which I know would not appeal to him at all. The day he finds a guy liner in a beauty box will be the day he asks me to cancel subscription! I'm pleased to say only the types of products we said he would be interested in appeared in the box. We'll have to see if that continues.

I'm sorry to say that all of the pics in this blog post will be generic ones for the website as being a man the second he got hold of it, it was in a mess and the products are now scattered around his dump of a room(typical!).

Here are the products he received in the Winter Glossy box:

Murad-Clarifying MaskMurad Clarifying mask.Shaveworks-Cool FixShaveworks cool fix.
Goldwell-StyleSign Lagoom Jam - GelGoldwell StyleSign Lagoom Jam - Gel
 Monu-Vitru Energy RubMonu Vitru energy rub La Nuit de L’HommeYves Saint Laurent -L’HommeAnthony-Shave CreamAnthony shave creamVitru Energy RubMonu  body wash

He loved all of the products and is going to buy both the energy rub (he has bad knees) and the L'homme Yves SaintLaurent when he runs out of the samples. 

I should point out that the male Glossy box is quite different from female beauty boxes. These boxes only come out every three months and cost £15 not including P&P for each box. It does contain seven products rather than the usual 5 for a female beauty box. 

I hope this has been of some use.

Till next time :)

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