Sunday, 29 January 2012

My new favourite perfume!

Just wanted to introduce you all to my new favourite perfume! It is Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci. I bought it from Boots after Christmas in the sales, it was in a set including the perfume and the body lotion. It was around £20.

The sent is quite hard to describe but I'm someone who prefers quite masculine smells as very sweet scents give me a headache so that might give you an idea! I love it!

What is your favourite perfume? Have you ever tried this one?
Till next time! : )


  1. i love this perfume! i love vera wang princess at the mo, dont hav any but have been dropping a few hints for valentines day ;) xx

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  3. I love the Ricci Ricci bottle, my faveourite is Vera Wangs Princess :)

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  5. I've not tried Ricci Ricci but looks like a good find in the sales, my favourite is Flower Bomb - but its really sweet lol