Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Here are a few of my favourite earrings!

It's Wednesday so here is another 'favourite things' post. As I sure you have already guessed this on is about earrings!
I love collecting earings I have three holes in each ear and the top of one ear pierced so I am able to wear a few at a time. I love statement earrings, however day to day I wear simple studs that are comfortable to sleep in.
As usual I might not be able to tell you where every pair are from as they may have been bought a while ago.

Dangely earrings:
I don't wear any of these very often. They are my night out pairs.

This pair look great with a simple black dress. You can't wear many other accessorise with these though.
As you can see they are rather big!
I really don't remember where I got these from. They might have even been Primark.

These peacock feather earrings are big and quite heavy but I love them. They are deffo statement earrings! Im not sure where these are from although I think they were either Accessorize or Topshop.
Studed earrings:

These big cat earrings are covered in gems. I love them! I think these were Primark.
These bow earrings are very detailed and are quite understated. I think these were from Accessorize.
 This cat ear tunnel is a very recent purchase and I cannot wait to wear it! I love the flesh hole look but don't actually want them permanetly so these ear tunnels are perfect. This one was £3.75 from the Miss Selfridge website (I think it was £5 in store).

I love these studs they are all separate (they do not come in pairs) I love mixing them together. The flowers especially are beautiful. These were from Accessorize.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Please tell me about you favourite things, and where you pick up you favourite earrings.

Till next time : )


  1. LOVE those peacock feathers :) x

  2. Love the cats and the bows. I think I need to get to Acessorize! xxx

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  4. I'm loving the peacock feather ones! Something a bit different but so chic and pretty! Great Blog post!

    Ciao for now


  5. I love the paecock feather earrings :)

  6. I love the top earrings! i don't think the picture justifies them enough! I have some really similar from topshop sale and where them all the time!

    Willow x

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