Sunday, 22 January 2012

Miss Dior!

For Christmas I received the J'adore Dior perfume set and I love it.
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Last week in boots I was given a sample of the Miss Dior perfume. It is a lovely sweet scent.
Has anyone seen this for sale at a good price? Has anyone got it?


I am hoping to do a haul for you tomorrow so check back in for that!
Till next time : )


  1. I got a deluxe sample of the Miss Dior from a Sephora purchase a while back and I absolutely love it!! It's quite expensive though and I haven't seen it any cheaper anywhere else. I hope to get a full size at some point because I'd probably wear it everyday. Love it :)

  2. I have this, love it!

  3. Miss Dior Cherie is on par with Chanel prices it rarely goes on sale! I've seen at The Perfume Shop if you buy 50ml or 100ml of any Dior fragrance you get a free gift (2 mini's of J'adore in a nice dior box)

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