Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Here are a few of my favourite rings!

I have decided that every Wednesday I will feature a different selection of my favourite things and this week its rings.
I will try to remember where things are from but I have had some of these rings for a long time and it might have slipped my memory. Hope you enjoy it:

I was quite surprised when I chose my final favourite and laid them out as they are all gold in colour but usually I prefer silver.
This is the ring I forgot when I started taking the pictures, which I cant believe as its one of my faves at the moment. I got it from Primark a little while ago. It has two rings one and the top and one at the bottom and they are joined by movable plates. It is beautiful but it does become annoying after a while of wearing.

This is my go to ring. I got this one from Accessorise around a year ago and I still absolutely love it!

Turquoise is my new favourite stone, I have a few turquoise effect rings in my collection but this is my absolute favourite as I love the gold frame setting for the stone. This was bought from Dorothy Perkins.

I'm really loving owl Jewry at the moment and here are my two owl rings. The first I believe came from Matalan (but I might be wrong). Its a great ring the only problem with it is that the ears are quite pointy and do catch on things. The second is from Primark and is unusual as the owl sits around your finger rather than on it and often people don't realise its an owl at first. I like its uniqueness.

I love this style of ring and I have a few like it in my collection but this is my favourite. It is made up of three flowers with a diamante stud in the centre of each. As you can see it goes across two fingers. I have found this ring to be surprising comfortable, however I wouldn't wear it to work. I picked up this ring up in Primark.

Hope you have enjoyed this post!

Till next time : )


  1. Lots of beautiful rings, I love the owls!

    Lovely blog, i'm following


  2. Ohhh they are all beautiful, i want them!! :P xoxox

  3. My favourite is the harmour ring. :)

    I'm having a giveaway, if you'd like to enter... :)

  4. lovely collection of rings, found your blog from a friend. please check mine out and follow if you would, it'd make my day! :D


  5. All of them are so pretty! I really love the little flower one though, can't believe it's from primark!


  6. I collect rings, too! They are one of my obsessions :p

  7. Wow honey, I absolutely LOVE all of these, I adore rings too definitely need to add more to my collection I think!


  8. These rings are all gorgeous! The turquoise stone one is my favourite! xxx