Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My first nude lipstick!

I'm not really a lipstick person. On a night out I will put on some red lipstick but day to day I don't wear any. I prefer just wearing a lip balm, but I was in boots the other day and they had a 3 for £5 offer on their natural collection products. I needed a mascara and a new black eyeliner. So I grabbed those and decided to have a look at their lipsticks, and I found this gorgeous pink nude colour. I love it! It looks lovely on its own and with a gloss over the top. 


The shade is rose bud and it was around £1.99, which I think is a complete bargain! The quality of the lipstick is fantastic and its a beautiful colour.
I think I might have to try some more of their lipsticks.

Has anyone tried their other lipsticks? Got any recommendations of other shade for me to try?

Till next time!


  1. Their lipsticks are amazing! i have their pink mallow shade and its a lovely pink bubblegum shade. perfect fot daytime!

  2. That's such a bargain! I'll be checking out natural collection next time I'm in boots! :-)

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  3. i love thier red. i got it about a year ago, and never tried it until a week or 2 ago and iv been using it ever since! x

  4. Natural Collection have AMAZING beauty products! I'm sure you ill be happy with the lipstick, i might actually pick it up myself, im more of a nude lipstick person than lip gloss!