Saturday, 21 January 2012

How to achieve spotty nails!

I love trying out new things with my nails and this is a cheap and easy way to get spotty nails.
All you need is two contrasting nail polishes and a bobby pin.

 I am using the silver foil BarryM polish and a green one from the Fearne Cotton range.

Paint on the base coat polish.

Then dip the bobby pin into the other nail polish.
Lastly dab the other colour using the bobby pin onto your nails.


The beauty of this is that you can put the spots of colour exactly where you want to and you can make the spots as big or as small as you want. Its not meant to look perfect and symmetrical, I love the fact it looks different every time. Hope you like it!
Till next time : )


  1. I like that green colour :) where can you buy the fearne cotton nail polish? :)

    Joanna x

  2. Lovely such a good idea, I love trying out things like that on my nails too :)

  3. I love this tip! its so innovative and I agree, I love the fact that it'll look different everytime!

    Thanks for this! I'm deffo going to try it!

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