Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The cure for problem skin?

Recently I have been having some problems with blemishes and wanted to try something different to sort it out. I asked for this set for Christmas:
It is the Blemish relief kit by Doctor Brand, it's £19.95 from Boots.

This kit claims to Show visible results after two weeks if you use the kit as stated. The kit consists of three different products to be used in a particular order (they are numbered to make it clear), all three are to be used twice daily. The first is a cleansing wash, the second is a cleansing gel and the third is a moisturising lotion. They are lovely products to use and you really don't need much else in your skin care routine. I have been using this kit for around two weeks and I would say it has certainly improved the look of my skin, however I have found that even though it comes with a moisturiser, my skin has become quite dry in places. Overall I have been pleased with this kit and will keep using it and I'll keep you posted.

Let me know about your favourite skin products.
  Till next time : )

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  1. oh amazing tip! I REALLY need to try this :):)
    im gonna try it!