Saturday, 11 February 2012

Night out nails!

Hey all,
Last night was awesome me and my friends went to a silent disco! Loved it! My nails were majorly chipped from work so I had to have a change! In the boxing day sales I bought two packs of very cheap nail foils to try. I decided to bite the bullet and have a go. To be honest I thought they would be harder to use than they were. They have not be applied perfectly by any means but I'm learning.

Thanks for reading!
Till next time! : )


  1. I have a pack of nail foils sat about that I'm too scared to use but I think I might give them a go x

  2. have some of these, might use them now these look cute!
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  3. I love these, I really want to get some! Thank you for following sweetie, I will follow you back :) Lovely blog :) xxx