Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mad Hatter!

Hey guys, Just a quick post to ask you all for your help with costume ideas! I need a book character costume for work and I have decided on the Mad Hatter because he is awsome! Im going with the Jonny Depp version. I will be very greatful for any of your ideas. Thanks Also I promise to do more regular posts soon but my laptop in out of use at the moment and it's all I can really use :( Till next time! :) Xxx


  1. My friends and I went as Alice in Wonderland characters once. I was the white rabbit but the girl that went as the Mad Hatter made it her own, wearing a multi colour, geometric print dress and a tiny fuschia top hat on a headband from Accessorize. Cheap, cheerful and we had a great time. There are some pictures on a very old blog post somewhere if you search Halloween...

    Laura x

  2. Try charity shops! I've tagged you, check out my post to see what to do :)