Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Free black liquid eyeliner and eye pencil!!

I love the freebies in magazines and this is the best one I saw in the shops today!

You get a eyeliner pencil and liquid eye liner and 7 pieces of mentos gum.

I was chuffed with this freebie as I had gone shopping to find a new eyeliner as my current one irritates my eyes. I have been wearing this eyeliner today and so far so good. It is easy to apply and it the darkest black liquid eyeliner I've seen recently.

I also want to comment on the new look to the company magazine, or should I say the new feel. It is now printed onto matte paper. No glossy feel to the pages, which I love! I feel the pictures look far more interesting on this type of paper.
If you have bought the new look company magazine let me know what you think about it!
Till next time :)
The pencil liner at the top and liquid liner at the bottom.

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