Saturday, 14 April 2012

Emma Watson's new look?!

Emma Watson on the set of The Bling Ring in LA - celeb pics

Emma Watson on the set of new film 'The bling ring' in LA. Just had to blog about her makeover for the film!  I'm growing my hair at the moment so this pic is my inspiration! I want it this long! (BTW I  am aware that she is wearing extensions, no-one grows their hair that quick!) I'm also loving the glasses, red lippy and leather jacket. It's nice to see her is something so different (even if it is just for a character) although I do love her normal style.  

What do you guys think?

Till next time :)


  1. I love Emma Watson! And she does look so different, perfect for the character shes playing.

  2. Much better than short!!
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  3. She looks great. Prefer her with long hair x

  4. She looks great! I want my hair that length too :)